Health & Human Rights

Bedouin shepherd communities who live in the magical spaces of the Jordan Valley have to deal with a variety of pressures and threats.

Combining a humorous and affectionate family portrait, a historical film and a search for identity, Defectors confronts the impact of the Korean War on different generations.

A docu-fiction film that deals with the employment solution that the young state of Israel offered to the new immigrants who came to it after its establishment.

<b> In the fairytale city of St. Petersburg, 8,500 children live on the streets, but the innovative circus Upsala with its charismatic director Larissa is giving some of those children a chance to leave all that behind them. </b>

For the last 27 years four Bedouins have been serving a life sentence for kidnap, rape and murder, and they have since been protesting their innocence.

”Portrait” tells in a poignant and moving way the stories of women from all parts of Israeli society who were murdered by their partners.

Filmmaker Gali Meiri allows us to share the journey of an exceptional young woman, Eylon Nuphar – co-creator and founder of Mayumana performance group – who manages against all odds, at the peak of her career, to find strength within fragility, facing a whirlwind of challenges while fighting breast cancer.

The fascinating life story of Abe Nathan- ‘The Peace Pilot’, who risked his life for peace in the Middle East and created the famous ‘Voice of Peace’ radio station in the Mediterranean Sea.

Twenty years ago Chilla was kidnapped from Hungary by a group of traffickers and was forced to work as a prostitute. Now she goes to look for her kidnappers. After she returns to hell, will she be able to leave again?

The documentary film Excision examines the consequences of FGM (female genital mutilation) through portraits of women of the Pokot tribe in Kenya and demonstrates the effects of this practice on millions of girls and women worldwide.