“Hiatus” tells a story of betrayal and loss that leads to a gap which can only be filled with revenge or forgiveness. The main character, Julia, tries to forgive. Will she choose revenge?

An experimental film. A variation on the shame associated with the objectification of women.

A lonely woman and a ”ghost child” meet in a pilgrims’ site in the Jordan river.

In a story reminiscent of the Biblical tale “The Binding of Isaac”, taking place in 1989 Kiev, eight-year-old Max must decide how far he is willing to go so as not to disappoint his beloved father, a moment before their immigration to Israel.

A divorced couple and four siblings embark on a drive to the heart of the Israeli desert, in search of the sight where they were all involved in a brutal car accident 15 years earlier.

A flood of riots filled the streets of Israel. The police brutally fight civilians. Ariel Semmel, a film director and political activist, decides to fight back.

In a neighborhood grocery & deli at the southern part of Tel Aviv, you can buy half a loaf of bread, take two cartons of milk and pay at the end of the month.

A guy thinks he is going to spend the night with his new date…

Nyosha is a 10-year-old Jewish girl who lives with her mother in Poland during World War II.

Sport as a bridge. Icons of war from the war theatre to the football field.