Human Interest

Director Joo Joostberens reflects on a topic that is still taboo in our society: Why are we running away from death? Can you prepare for the death of a loved one? The movie tries to answer these and many other questions.

In order to understand how collective intelligence develops in a team, we take a close look at the work and thoughts of Christian Gourcuff, a French Football (soccer) coach, who is using interesting ideas to create its strategy.

In the mountains of Hindu Kush, in Pakistan, among 165 million Muslims, unfolds the unique story of 4,000 Kalasha, an ancient pagan tribe that worships nymphs, gods and fairies.

Consciousness defies definition. Perhaps no aspect of mind is more familiar or more puzzling than consciousness and our conscious world.

Tsipora, a master acrobat, a Religious Jewish woman wrought of passion, manages to fly into freedom through aerial acrobatics.

Director Kaspars Roga travels to Sierra Leone to find out what really happened ten years ago, when his friend ”Mr. Dice” run away after his bank went bankrupt, losing all the investors’ money, including director’s.

The documentary “A Year in a village” features a village in Moravia, Czech Republic.

When a little-known Jewish community in rural Uganda comes into contact with a group of Orthodox Israeli rabbis, everyone is destined to be transformed.