Over the span of fifty years, the Israeli military censorship secretly copied soldiers’ personal letters, extracting their views on the most contentious issues facing its society. The findings were presented to leaders in a top-secret report titled “The Soldier’s Opinion”.

Ukrainian-American journalist Katya Soldak, of Forbes Magazine, now living in New York City, tells the story of Ukraine, her country of origin, as it exits the USSR, works through two revolutions, and endures a war with Russia—all through the eyes of her family and friends.

“Greetings from the death camps” documentary film is a testimonial about the human spirit despite the terrors of war.

Discrimination. Humiliation. Stigma. Many native Catholic Mallorquins with Jewish heritage have suffered greatly for centuries – this documentary unveils recent conflicts within the only synagogue on the island and explores many historical aspects of the Inquisition and its effect on the infamous fifteen family lineages.

In 1947, “The Black Book”, a collection of testimonies and articles about the Holocaust in the Soviet Union was to be published in Moscow, but it was banned by the Russian authorities. Why did Stalin decide to hide the solid and documented evidence of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union?

A documentary thriller. Yair Lev, a documentary filmmaker becomes a detective and sets out on a personal and historical journey to uncover the true identity behind the man who stole his grandfather’s identity.

The dramatic story of “Bureau 06”, the team of police investigators formed for the intent purpose of investigating and preparing the grave charges brought up by the Jewish people against Adolf Eichmann.

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising has become a symbol of heroism throughout the world, but its generally accepted story is incomplete.

‘’Lost Silverfish of Berlin’’ is a film that explores the historical significance of a forgotten building, the Silverfish building, and its alignment with contemporary housing trends.

The story of the rescue of the 6th Lubavitch Rebbe, Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, from war-torn Warsaw in 1939 by half-Jewish German Spy Maj.