An anti-utopian film full of ‘’1984’’ style. Although Big Brother has passed away for many years, his soul is still ubiquitous in today’s world.

Dara Nevo, a young soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)’s elite intelligence unit, races against the clock to find an Israeli soldier captured in Gaza before her father’s killer is released in a prisoner exchange.

When a feminist producer teams up with an Ultra-Orthodox rabbi to make a film based on a biblical tragedy, artistic differences escalate into hostility.

In a new hybrid documentary, fiction-docu film, filmmaker Zohar Wagner tells the story of Kochava Levy, a young woman of Yemeni descent, who served as mediator between terrorists and IDF while being held hostage in Tel Aviv.

The film “End Game” is based on real events that took place in the Soviet Union about 60 years ago, called The “Doctors’ Plot”.

After a long night, Bashir returns home from work to find his Jewish girlfriend Karin with an unexpected baby in her arms.

Two teenage brother and sister, whose mother died a few weeks earlier, are
in search of their father.

The film tells the story of a sensitive and complex relationship between a
mother and her ailing son.

Ben is strange: he walks around with gloves and is always carrying shopping
bags in both hands.

BLANCANIEVES is a gothic melodrama inspired by the Brothers´ Grimm tale.