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Ukrainian-American journalist Katya Soldak, of Forbes Magazine, now living in New York City, tells the story of Ukraine, her country of origin, as it exits the USSR, works through two revolutions, and endures a war with Russia—all through the eyes of her family and friends.

As their war-weary towns go up in flames, unlikely friends across the Sderot-Gaza war zone come together in an attempt to save their neighborhood.

In Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo Israelis and Palestinians work hand in hand.

The film documents a period of twelve years in the un-recognized village of Arab- Al-Naim in the Galilee.

Nearly blind Maximiliano, 62, has been asked to fix Che Guevara‘s old car in Havana and bring it back to life.

Baallow is a proud and educated Hadza, one of the last tribes of hunter-gatherers in Africa.

A Man Called Nomad is a story of a man trying to adjust to the shifting realities of the modern world, whilst retaining within his family a sense of place.

Gelek, a Bon monk, accompanied by an American photographer, Thomas Kelly, undertakes a journey from Kathmandu to discover for himself the ancient kingdom of Zhang Zhung where the Bon religion flourished centuries ago.