(Isha Shel Bayit)

Director: Jane Bibi / Israel 2018

Category: Creative Documentary, Society

Production: Arik Bernstein: Alma Films; for Kan – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp.: Commissioning Editor: Sinai Abt, Israel; Supported by The New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT), Israel

Editor: Noit Geva (”Shooting The Israeli Man’‘)

Language: Hebrew, Georgian

Subtitles: English

Length: 72 minutes

The more Jane was forced to fit within her strict patriarchal Georgian community, the more she resisted. Refusing to marry, she joined the army, studied film, fell in love and at the age of 38 decided to have a baby. After years of running away from her past, and just before motherhood, Jane returns to her roots. Equipped with a camera, she finds the confidence to confront her family and her past for the first time. Using the camera, she tries to break decades of silence in an attempt to better understand her mother and herself in relation to the men in their family, and maybe even find forgiveness.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Nominee: Gender and Generations Award: FIDBA International Documentary Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020
  • Astra Film Festival, Sibiu, Romania 2019
  • Best Film Award: Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival, Denmark 2019
  • Special Jury Award: Doc Aviv International Documentary Film Festival, Israel 2018

Copenhagen JFF: Best Film Award
Jury's justification: "The film is in many ways a courageous work that dares to show the most intimate situations of the family - which makes it an intimate individual story as well as a universal story that most people can see themselves in it. The film is visually strong with its beautiful and narrative images that deepen the characters' development and moods. We get a clear insight into the whole family's history of good and evil, the fate of the women in the traditional Georgian environment, the difficult life as an immigrant and the discussions on religion."

Doc Aviv IDFF: Special Jury Award
Jury's justification: ‘’A brave new voice, this filmmaker demonstrates an uncompromising relationship to her craft. Smashing through the restrictive taboos of traditional values, she forges new cinematic pathways to create an unforgettable portrait of the tremendous love that can exist between three generations of women.’’

Movie Reviews:
* « Due to her honesty and note worthy documentarian complexity, Bibi managed to create a create a film that is a personal journey full of self-exploration, that manages to surprise, so it seems even herself »  DocAviv 2018: “A Perfect Housewife” is a surprising personal journey of self-exploration / Shany Littman / Haaretz daily newspaper (Hebrew)