Director: Roman Shumunov / Israel 2016

Category: Society/Immigration/Arts&Culture

Production: Doron Tsabari: Guerilla Films & Roman Shumunov

Produced: for Channel 8 (Hot Cable Communication), Commissioning Editor: Rinat Klein; Gesher Multicultural Film Fund and The Avi Chai Foundation, Israel.

Language: Russian, Hebrew, English

Subtitles: English

Length: 90 minutes

Headspins, windmills, and b-boying: a group of immigrants from the former Soviet Union form a breakdancing troupe in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Israel. They dream of competing in the International Breakdancing Competition in Germany, but the road is paved with hardship and crisis. Lacking an instructor, they learn moves from videotapes and move one step closer to their goal.

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Festivals & Awards:

Doc Aviv/Best First Film Award
Jury's justification: "The best debut prize is given to Roman Shumunov, a young filmmaker who brings his great rebel spirit to his film Babylon Dreamers. His fresh approach in portraying a group of tough and sensitive breakdancers opens up a window of hope and new possibilities for underground culture."

Movie Reviews: 
* « Roman Shumunov’s documentary gives an insight into a hidden part of Israeli society: a part which tries to integrate, but frequently faces hostility » The Thriving Hip Hop Scene of Babylon . Nagy Panni / Verzio
* « The film is both inspiring and eye-opening. » Director Roman Shumanov on his Documentary "Babylon Dreamers" / The Dance Enthusiast
* « Break-dancing is a fascinating form of creative expression for young men.  In the film, Babylon Dreamers, directed by Roman Shumunov, we meet a group of break-dancers, living in Ashdod, immigrants from the FSU. »
Break-dancing / Amy Kronish /  IsraelFilm.blogspot
* « An inside look into a segment of society that is seldom seen » The Russian Underground / Bernard Dichek / Jerusalem Post 
* « Docaviv Galil, documentary film festival will open with the very cool doc Babylon Dreamers, about a group of young immigrants following their dream to win an international breakdance competition. It’s a moving doc, certain to strike a chord with dreamers everywhere, and thought-provoking insight into the cultural and practical challenges of immigrants in Israel.» Midnight East Top Ten November 2016 / Ayelet Dekel / Midnight East  

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