BUREAU 06 – the architects of the Eichmann trial

BUREAU 06 – the architects of the Eichmann trial

BUREAU 06 – the architects of the Eichmann trial
Director: Yoav Halevy / Israel 2013

Production: Yoav Halevy: Open Doors Films/Tmuna Communication Ltd.

Supported by The Second Authority for Television & Radio, Israel and The Makor Foundation for Israeli Films.

Category: History

Language: Hebrew, German.

Subtitles: English

Length: 58 minutes

The dramatic story of “Bureau 06”, the team of police investigators formed for the intent purpose of investigating and preparing the grave charges brought up by the Jewish people against Adolf Eichmann. The charges told the story of the Jewish Holocaust to the entire world in a way that it had not been told before. These charges cried out, exactly 50 years ago, the cry of “J’accuse” at the Eichmann trial and changed the collective Israeli consciousness forever.
This film tells the unique personal and group stories of this team of investigators, their hardships, their confessions and the emotional turmoil they experienced, together and alone. Among them the story of Avner Less the personal interrogator of Adolf Eichmann who left Israel after the trial and took back his Germany Identity card.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Special Screening: 60 years anniversary capture of Adolf Eichmann: CinéONU: United Nations Vienna (UNOV) - Austria 2020
  • Cinémathèque Leipzig - Germany 2015
  • PBIFF Palm Beach International Film Festival - U.S.A. 2014
  • Miami Jewish Film Festival - U.S.A. 2014
  • ASN Annual World Convention (Association for the study of Nationalities) Columbia University - U.S.A. 2014
  • UK Jewish Film Festival, London - U.K. 2013
  • Berlin Jewish Film Festival - Germany 2014
  • Israeli Film Festival, Paris - France 2014
  • Israeli Film Festival Montreal - Canada 2014
  • Toronto Jewish Festival - Canada 2014
  • Judaica Jewish Film Festival, Lisbon - Portugal 2015
  • Festival of Tolerance Jewish Film Festival, Zagreb – Croatia 2015
  • Holocaust Center New Zealand (HCNZ) Wellington (special screening) - New Zealand 2015
  • JIFF Jewish International Film Festival: Holocaust Film Series, Sydney, Melbourne – Australia 2014
  • Finalist for Best Israeli Documentary Award: The Ophir Awards (Israeli Academy Awards) 2013
  • Honorable Mention: Jerusalem International Film Festival - Israel 2013

Jerusalem F.F. 2013 /Honorable Mention
Jury Statement: « Bureau 06 is an energetic, well-researched examination of the police unit assigned to interrogate Adolf Eichmann before his trial. This documentary takes us behind the scenes of this dramatic historical moment in dynamic and surprisingly moving fashion »

Movie Reviews:
* « A moving and educational cinematic experience.The film captures the tragedy and horror while still finding room to inspire and move. It is profoundly moving, profoundly shocking and profoundly important. » (Igor Shteyrenberg) Sergio Carmona / Sun-Sentinel
* « A gripping docu-drama on the team of investigators that prepared the charges brought against Adolf Eichman and the effect on their personal lives » UKJFF 2013
* « ''Bureau 06'' by Yoav Halevy examines the Eichmann Trial in an interesting and less familiar perspective » Yael Shuv / Time Out Israel
* « Halevy’s film, thoughtful and deliberately understated, relates the experience of Bureau 06’s members for the first time.» Akin Ajayi / Midnight East
* « An amazing story... an exciting and shuddering movie… A must-see-film »
Prof. Michael Bar Zohar - Radio interview on IDF radio station Galei Zahal
* « This film is a superbly researched historical document which succeeds in integrating the emotions and personal hardships of those who worked in the bureau, and even touches on some of the terrible stories that they uncovered in their research. » Amy Kronish /  IsraelFilm.blogspot

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