Director: Ruth Walk / Israel 2014

Category: Arts & Culture

Production: Youval Orr: Eilat Media, Jaffa, for Channel 8 (Hot Cable Communication), Israel

Language: Hebrew, Portuguese, English, French.

Subtitles: English / French

Length: 65 minutes.

The life and art of David Perlov, who is considered to be the most important Israeli documentary filmmaker.
December 13, 2013 marked ten years to the death of artist, filmmaker and teacher David Perlov. In the film, Perlov’s apartment on 4 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard in Tel Aviv is once again the studio that it was in his lifetime. Perlov lived in his apartment on the 14th floor for thirty years, filming, editing and screening films. The rooms remain untouched; the walls lined with his sketches, painting and still photos. Friends, students and family members visit the apartment in the film and together form a perspective of the unique character of Perlov – an immigrant from Brazil who became the father of modern Israeli cinema, an artist who widely influences generations of students. The film offers archive materials and rare documents from Sao Paulo and Paris which illuminate the relationship between painting, filmmaking and photography that filled Perlov’s life.


Synopsis (French):
Dans l’appartement ou David Perlov a vécu pendant 30 ans, filmé, monté, édité ses films, au 4 boulevard Shaul Hamelech à Tel Aviv, Ruth Walk donne la parole à sa femme et ses filles, ses étudiants, ses amis, en filme des recoins et y dévoile des archives pour nous permettre de pénétrer dans la vie et l’œuvre de ce grand documentariste.

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