END GAME (Sof Hamishak)

END GAME (Sof Hamishak)

Director: Ariel Cohen

Genre: Fiction

Category: Drama

Production: Shalom Eisenbach, David Halperin / Israel/Russia 2018

Cast: Inna Bakelman, Eva Kaplun, Ana Shulik.

Language: Russian, Hebrew

Subtitles: English

Length: 85 minutes

The film “End Game” is based on real events that took place in the Soviet Union about 60 years ago, called The “Doctors’ Plot”.
Moscow. 13 January 1953. Jewish doctors are arrested on charges of conspiring to bring down the regime. Masha, a Jewish doctor who secretly manages a Jewish underground in her home, is also arrested. During the violent arrest, Masha’s daughter, a brilliant chess player named Nehama, is wounded and loses her memory. Olga, the KGB investigator, takes the opportunity of the loss of memory and enlists Nehama to the KGB in order to make her confront her mother. Will Nechama’s memory will return a moment before she incriminates her mother and execute her?
The film was originally produced for Ultra-Orthodox Jewish audience, and therefore all the acting roles in this film are women’s.

* Ariel Cohen: Introduction to the Ultra-Orthodox Film Industry

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