LACI BACSI – Uncle Laszlo

LACI BACSI – Uncle Laszlo

LACI BACSI – Uncle Laszlo
(L’oncle Laszlo)

Director: Elena Hazanov and Claudio Recupero

Category: History

Production: Association Façonneurs de Mémoire / Switzerland 2012

Language: French, Hungarian

Subtitles: English / German

Length: 66 minutes

Lazslo Somogyi Singer, a Hungarian Jew born in 1929, survived the Holocaust and Stalinism. A group of six young students have met him regularly in Geneva, during a full school year, and took a trip with him to Hungary to the scene of his youth.
The film ”Laci Bàcsi” (”Uncle Lazslo”) is about the difficulty in collecting the words of a witness and in this case the testimony of an exemplary life and the absolute need to do it while there is still time. This film is also about the importance of listening and sharing.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Visions du Réel Documentary Film Festival, Switzerland 2012