(Vivre ou Mourir à Entebbe)

Director and Producer: Eyal Boers Israel 2012

Associate Producer: Michael Treves: JMT Films 

Co-Produced: with SRC – Télévision Radio Canada: Commissioning Editor: Jean Pelletier

Supported by: IBA, Israeli Television: Commissioning Editor: Itay Nevo Landsberg

Category: History

Language: Hebrew, French, English.

Subtitles: English/French

Narration: French/English

Length: 52 minutes

In June 1976, an Air France flight was hijacked by German and Palestinian terrorists who diverted the flight to Entebbe airport in Uganda. A week later, Israeli planes flew 4000 kilometers over hostile territory to Entebbe and in less than 60 minutes Israeli commandos stormed the premises and rescued more than 100 hostages. ”Operation Entebbe” is considered as one of the most brilliant military rescue operations in military history. It put a temporary stop to plane hijacking as a means for terrorist groups to impose their demands. However, those who were not saved by this rescue operation have been almost totally forgotten. Four hijacked persons did not survive the raid, among them Jean-Jacques Mimouni, a 19 year-old French-Israeli hostage, who died during the operation in mysterious circumstances. Israel’s most heroic myth is the Mimouni family’s greatest tragedy.
In “Live or Die in Entebbe,” Eyal Boers examines the rescue operation from a new angle and accompanies Mimouni’s nephew, Yonathan Khayat, on a personal journey of reconstruction that is complemented by many eyewitness testimonies.

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''.... Eyal Boers, the director of a 2013 documentary called “Live or Die in Entebbe,” explained that “Israel needed a huge myth after the national trauma created by the Yom Kippur War of October 1973.” Operation Thunderbolt helped to heal that trauma...''
Rescued From the Realm of Legend: Israel's 1976 Entebbe Raid Revisited /
Andrew Esensten / Haaretz English Edition-International Herald Tribune

'' “Live or Die in Entebbe,” a new film directed by Eyal Boers, examines the rescue operation from a new angle...''
Yoni Netanyahu wasn't the only one who died at Entebbe. Why have we forgotten the others? / Gili Izikovich / Haaretz English Edition-International Herald Tribune)

''Mention the name Entebbe to any Israeli and they will tell you the story of Yonatan (Yoni) Netanyahu, the heroic paratrooper and older brother of the current prime minister who died commanding the daring raid to free the 105 Israeli hostages hijacked to Entebbe, Uganda, in July of 1976…'' (''The forgotten dead'' by Eetta Prince-Gibson)
Entebbe Raid series /New Vision / Uganda's leading Newspaper 

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