OPERATION MURAL: Casablanca 1961

OPERATION MURAL: Casablanca 1961

Director: Yehuda Kaveh / Israel 2007

Category: History

Production: Ronit Dor Productions

Language: Hebrew, English, French

Subtitles: English / French

Length: 55 minutes

Forty-five years after their clandestine mission, three Mossad agents return to Casablanca to retrace their steps in a humanitarian mission whereby 530 Jewish children reached Israel in 1961, under the guise of holidays in Switzerland. This film vividly documents how “Operation Mural” succeeded beyond all expectations. The key actors relive their undercover activities, as well as many precious testimonies of children and key Mossad figures in Israel and the Littmans in Switzerland. The film was filmed in Switzerland, Morocco and Israel.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Remi Award Winner: Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, Texas - USA 2008
  • Winner: Best Jewish Film: DeREEL Independent Film Festival, Melbourne - Australia 2008
  • Nominee for Best Documentary : Israel Academy Awards - Israel 2008
  • Victoria Independent Film Festival, Melbourne - Australia 2009
  • Barcelona Jewish Film Festival - Spain 2009
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival - Canada 2008
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - USA 2008
  • NYC Sephardic Jewish Film Festival - USA 2008
  • Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival, California - USA 2009
  • Charlotte Jewish Film Festival, North Carolina - USA 2009
  • Jewish Eye-World Jewish Film Festival Film, Ashkelon - Israel 2007
  • Fipatel, FIPA International Festival of Audiovisual Programs, Biarritz - France 2007