PLAY ME ALLEGRO – an optimistic borderline story

PLAY ME ALLEGRO – an optimistic borderline story

Director: Alon Alsheich & Eran Yehezkel / Israel 2008

Category: Social Issues, Parenthood, War, Middle-East

Co-Produced: with the Sapir College

Language: Hebrew, Russian, Arabic.

Subtitles: English

Length: 52 minutes

4 km from Gaza, kibbutz Nir-Am is located on the border between Israel & the Palestinian Authority. In spite of Israeli missiles & helicopters soaring above their heads, and Palestinian rockets falling in their yard, Julia, a Russian immigrant, and her 5 years old daughter, choose not to give up. If it weren’t for the daily sirens and rockets, their lives would be like those of most single-parent families. Living with the constant threat, Julia struggles to maintain a dialogue with their Palestinian neighbors and lead a normal life. An abnormally normal life and a profoundly appealing film, that moves towards a surprise happy ending.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Human Rights Award: Docudays International Human Rights Film Festival, Kiev - Ukraine 2009
  • "Palestine - Israel Focus'': BaKaFORUM Basel_Karlsruhe Forum - Switzerland 2009
  • TRANZYT International Documentary Film Festival - Poland 2010
  • ''Mediterranean'': ''Sole E Luna'' Doc Fest - Italy 2010
  • ''New Israeli Cinema from Gaza and Sderot'': Maysles Cinema/Maysles Institute, New York - U.S.A. 2012
  • "Family'': Viscult Film Festival Joensuu - Finland 2009
  • Delray Beach Film Festival, Florida - USA 2009
  • Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Taiwan 2008
  • Docupolis International Documentary Festival, Barcelona - Spain 2008
  • RIDM International Documentary Film Festival, Montreal - Canada 2008
  • Message to Man International Documentary Film Festival, Saint-Petersburg - Russia 2008