Director: Joo Joostberens / Poland 2024

Genre: Short / Fiction

Category: Experimental

Production: Aia Asé: Aia Asé Pictures

Cast: Zosia Opławska, Anna Stańkowska

Language: No dialogues

Subtitles: English

Color: Color

Length: 1 minutes 14 seconds

A variation on the shame associated with the objectification of women. Threads from everyday life in the film structure expressively intertwined with the problems that a modern woman has to face: with obsessions related to the body, nudity, sexualization, harassment, menstrual poverty, violence and control. It is a synergy of fragments of film frames, animations, music and a commentary on political and human rights issues.

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Director's Statement:

"SHAME" is a variation on the shame associated with the objectification of women - the shame of a female victim who experiences it, and the shame of a man who, although himself a victim of patriarchal upbringing, opposes it.
Joo Joostberens, who is a feminist, speaks out in the era of #metoo about the sexualization of women's bodies in contemporary culture, but also refers to the current political situation in Poland, where human rights, including the right to abortion, are being restricted under the rule of the extreme right political movement. The film is a "protest movie" against the intensification of the sense of shame, which has become a very effective tool for the authorities to psychologically control women.