Director: David Gavro / Israel / Ethiopia 2005

Category: Creative Documentary

Production: David Gavro, Yael Shavit, Avner Faingulernt and Sapir Academic College

Language: Hebrew, Amharic. English translation.

Length: 56 minutes

20-year-old Sisai, Ethiopian immigrant in Israel, lives with his adoptive family – the Gavros. Father Gavro returns from Ethiopia with news of Sisai’s biological father’s whereabouts. Confused by the news and the fresh confrontation with his past, Sisai does not share his family’s excitement. He is too busy with his own news; Sivan, his girlfriend, is pregnant. The director, who is also Sisai’s brother, joins him and their father on a journey to Ethiopia on their search for identity, blood connection, love and longing.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Winner: FIPA D'OR Prize : Best Documentary Award:FIPA Festival Biarritz France 2006
  • Winner: Best Documentary Award : DeREEL Independent Film Festival -Australia 2007
  • Winner: Lombardia Prize for Best Film : Milan African Film Festival - Italy 2006
  • Winner: Best Documentary Award : Jerusalem International Film Festival - Israel 2005
  • Winner: Best First Film Award: Israel Documentary Awards - Israel 2006
  • Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival Toronto - Canada 2006
  • ''New Israeli Cinema from Gaza and Sderot'': Maysles Cinema/Maysles Institute, New York - U.S.A. 2012
  • 3 Continents Film Festival, Nantes- France 2010
  • The African Diaspora Film Festival, New York City - USA 2006
  • Muestra Internacional Documental, Bogota- Colombia 2006
  • Open Frame International Festival & Forum - India 2006
  • Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival - Greece 2006
  • DaKINO Bucharest International Film Festival - Romania 2006
  • Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival, Amsterdam - The Netherlands 2006
  • Etats generaux du documentaire de Lussas - France 2006