SUPER WOMEN (Супер Женщины /Super Zhenshchiny)

Director: Yael Kipper & Ronen Zaretzky (”Child Mother”, ”Portrait”, ”These Woods”) / Israel 2013

Category: Creative Documentary, Society, Human Rights, Women’s Rights

Production: Yael Kipper & Ronen Zaretzky; produced for Channel 8 (Hot Cable Communication), Israel; and The Makor Foundation for Israeli Films.

Language: Russian, Hebrew

Subtitles: English

Length: 80 minutes

The story of five cashiers who work the same shift in a supermarket, in Tel Aviv. Most are immigrants from Russia, others are native Israelis. The film follows their relationships, the mutual support and solidarity, dealing with the management and customers, their difficulties making a living and their working conditions, as they try to change their fate.
”Super Women” is a beautiful example of cinéma verité and a special peek into a hidden world.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Best Cinematography Award & Special Jury Mention: Doc Aviv International Documentary Film Festival - Israel 2013
  • Best Documentary Jury Award: International Women's Film Festival Rehovot - Israel 2013
  • Honorary Mention: Dok Leipzig International Film Festival - Germany 2013
  • Women's International Day Special Programming: Kino Krokodil, Berlin - Germany 2014
  • Closing Film: Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “Ad Hoc: Inconvenient films”, Vilnius - Lithuania 2013
  • Munich Jewish Film Festival - Germany 2017
  • Special Screening: DGB Haus, Munich - Germany 2017
  • ArbeitsLeben/Working Life, Cinema Münster - Germany 2017
  • Diaspora - Israeli Russian Film Festival, New York - U.S.A. 2016
  • Trento Film Festival - Italy 2016
  • AmDocs American Documentary Film Festival - U.S.A. 2014
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - U.S.A. 2014
  • New Jersey Israel Film Festival - U.S.A. 2015
  • Art Doc Fest International Documentary Film Festival, Moscow - Russia 2013
  • Film Festival ''Days of Ethnographic Cinema'', Moscow - Russia 2014
  • Film & Media Festival of MEAST and Central Eurasia, Tallinn - Estonia 2014
  • Festival of Migrant Film (FMF) - Slovenia 2014
  • Israeli Documentary Collection: EBS International Documentary Festival - Korea 2014
  • NUS Arts Festival - Singapore 2014
  • CITY PLUS Israeli Film Week, Taipei - Taiwan 2014
  • Nominee: Best Feature-Film Award: Israel Documentary Awards - Israel 2013

DOK Leipzig/Honorary Mention
Jury Statement: "We would like to honour this film for capturing the raw sincerity and solidarity of a group of Russian immigrant women who are working as cashiers in a local supermarket in Israel. The place is a microcosm and background for conversations about broken dreams and struggle for a better life.''

Doc Aviv/Special Jury Mention
Jury Statement: "The Special Jury Mention goes to a film that opens our eyes to a world we visit every day without seeing, bringing characters to life with respect and generosity."

Doc Aviv/Best Cinematography Award (Avigail Sperber)
Jury Statement: "For sensitively capturing the drama of its characters' inner worlds."

IWFF Rehovot/Best Documentary Jury Award 
Jury Statement: "Through wonderful cinematography and editing which is not afraid to extend the gaze and look beyond, Kipper and Zaretzky make the viewers share their loving, compassionate and respectful gaze on the film’s protagonists.
The film is committed to the wonderful characters and more so to human dignity, and thus we are happy to grant the Jury Award to the filmmakers.''

Movie Reviews:
* « By precise observation and structuring, Yael Kipper and Ronen Zaretzky manage to achieve a social study of great clarity and emotion. Moments of intimacy and closeness… Great Cinema… » Grit Lemke / Dok Leipzig

* « So hopeless are the circumstances so strong and impressive are the people portrayed. Most of them Russian emigrants, they all have a colorful life story. And they want to make the circumstances of life is not broken. As the film grows and grows, the frustration, the sadness turns into anger. One would only wish the women that they have the strength to fight. » Miranda Schiller /

* «Kipper and Zaretkzy offer up a graceful contemplation on financial despair, familial devotion and what it means to be a woman who has no one to rely on but herself. » ***Super Women***/ Gemma King, The Australian National University/ ACME Journal »

* « ''Super Women,” an important documentary by Ronen Zaretzky and Yael Kipper, chronicles the day-to-day reality of five cashiers working at the Mega supermarket in Ramat Aviv. » Tahel Frosh / Haokets

* « A beautifully photographed portrait; we are given an up-close and personal look at a group of women, most of them Russian immigrants, who represent a class of society which is underpaid, overworked and barely appreciated. » Amy Kronish /  IsraelFilm.blogspot

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Lotte Beilin / The Culture Trip