Director: Green Geng

Genre: Fiction

Category: Experimental

Production: Kim Yonghu and Chen Jieming: Liberty Pictures Seoul Limited, David Copo, Ekrem A. Xani: INAX Studio Kosovo / South Korea, Albania, Kosovo 2023

Cast: Lisha, Park Yongyang, King Syu

Language: Korean, Russian, Chinese

Subtitles: English

Length: 120 minutes

An anti-utopian film full of ‘’1984’’ style. Although Big Brother has passed away for many years, his soul is still ubiquitous in today’s world.
This debut film takes a group of crazy ghosts as the Logline, showcasing the heavy suffering of the people under political oppression in the 20th century. The film is full of profound reflection on history and nostalgia for the lost lives, reproduces history with crazy performances and humorous and exaggerated styles.

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Festivals & Awards:

Movie Reviews:

* « Green Geng is an uncharted South Korean director and screenwriter, whose avant-garde debut film, strikingly absurd and violent, is probably the most mysterious film in Black Nights Film Festival's lineup. » Meet The Filmmakers>The Ghosts Cult And Big Brother: Mad On The Final Black Night / Elisa Stage PÖFF

* « This shocking debut film engages from the crazy opening scene: a maze of masks, despair, disgrace, and colours. » The Ghosts Cult And Big Brother: Mad On The Final Black Night / Javier Garcia Puerto / PÖFF

* « Geng is an extraordinaire visualist, and utilizes a variety of cuts, fade outs and close-ups to deliver the emotion needed for each disparate scene. And the huge support cast fleshes out the world with substance, shape and colour. » The Ghosts Cult And Big Brother: Mad On The Final Black Night / Eoghan Lyng / Dirty Movies

* « A piece of brutal theater in the footsteps of Artaud that depicts various absurd situations where the common thread is the blind obedience of a collective to a brutal management. Very creative and unfortunately keen as well as history writing and as a critique of the present. With North Korea just a shaking zone away, it's very clear what political conditions it wants, but it's also about the real history of communism in general, with the Cultural Revolution, revolutionary movements and so on. Furthermore, it is of course about all forms of exploitation, mental and material. » Ghosts of Communism at the Tallinn Film Festival / Charlotte Wiberg / FLM

* « If we felt the film was very experimental or crazy, we sent it to Rebels With A Cause,” says Tramberg. Debut features in that strand included Green Geng’s The Ghosts Cult And Big Brother: Mad On The Final Black Night, a South Korea-Albania-Kosovo co-production. » Why Tallinn Black Nights festival has adjusted its strategy with emerging filmmakers / Ben Dalton / Screen Daily

* « The “Rebels With A Cause” competition strand is dedicated to films that boldly experiment with cinematic form and challenge traditional filmmaking conventions and political ideologies. Launched in 2017, this competition strand has garnered an increasingly fervent following among festival audiences. • The main curator of the competition, Javier Garcia Puerto, expressed his perspective on the “Rebels” program: “In the Rebels programme, we don’t merely challenge the audience; we are dedicated to those audacious enough to challenge themselves. Filmmakers are invited to explore a myriad of styles, pushing boundaries that range from documentaries blurring into fiction with gripping thriller-like narratives, to audacious and satirical political commentaries, including vibrant and unexpected tales of drug lords. Brace yourselves for this cinematic adventure, tailored for the fearless and devoted audiences seeking a more personal, unique, and daring cinematic experience. » Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) Announces PÖFF Rebels With A Cause Competition Programme / Navid Nikkhah Azad / ZIZ News 


Director's statement:

Eastern and Western politicians and philosophers took turns appearing, they committed many evil deeds in the world while alive, and after death, they became wandering ghosts in hell. Without any repentance, they still command their successors in hell through ghosts to harm the world and enslave the people. They continue to provide shelter for the utopian regime they have established, and ultimately head towards the judgment bench of hell, where heaven on earth begins to become blurred.