• Hanefesh HaTova

Director: Eitan Anner

Genre: Fiction

Category: Drama

Production: Itay Akirav: Harbor Films / Israel 2022

Cast: Moran Rosenblatt (”Fauda”, “Hit and Run”), Rami Heuberger (“Schindler’s List”, ‘’Golda’’)

Language: Hebrew

Subtitles: English

Length: 85 minutes

Sharon (Moran Rosenblatt), a dedicated and ambitious art-house film producer from Tel Aviv is on the brink of bankruptcy when she gets an opportunity to save her professional future and her sense of self-worth. She is asked to collaborate with Uzi Silver (Rami Heuberger), a revered former director, who has turned to religion and become a rabbi…and who now wants to make his comeback film – an adaptation of the biblical tragedy of King Saul. But working with Silver feels more like a war than a film production, and Sharon gets caught up in a whirlwind that threatens to destroy her mentally and financially, and endangers her relationships with those she holds dearest.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • IFC Film Festival, NYC, USA 2023
  • Israeli Film Festival of Paris, France 2023
  • Tertio Millennio Film Fest, Rome, Italy 2023
  • EPOS International Art Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel 2023
  • Talinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) - Estonia 2022
  • Haifa Film Festival, Israel 2022


Movie Reviews:

* « This kicks off one of the most amazing and original screwball comedies that I have had the pleasure to see in my life. “The Good Person” is not only pointing a finger at the crazy world of cinema, but also tells about us and a good deal more. » The Good Person / Niki Nikitin / POFF

* « The film's main character, Sharon... makes a deal with a former grandmaster of cinema. From this deal begins an extraordinary original comedy, which not only covers the crazy film industry, but also eloquently reflects upon the cultural industry.» In focus: Israel brings cinema bursting with black humor / POFF

* « Moran Rosenblatt and Rami Heuberger are two of the most popular Israeli actors and both of them have a talent for disappearing into their roles to the extent that you may not recognize them right away from movie to movie.» The Good Person: An intelligent film with an intriguing premise / Hannah Brown / JPost


Director's statement:

The Good Person was shot over the course of 11 winter days between the second and third state-wide lockdowns. We had decided to start principal shooting despite great uncertainty and coronavirus-related risks. We did so out of a sense of urgency, we felt that what we had to say must be said without delay.

The pandemic brought tensions between different groups into a crisis that threatens to tear the entire social fabric apart. Topics that prior to the pandemic were debated in endless, pointless shouting matches – “state and religion”, “Multiculturalism”, “rule of Law” – were suddenly revisited, this time with everyone’s lives at stake. For long, nerve-shattering weeks it seemed as if we were all thrown together into a stormy sea and were doomed to drown, strangling each other. The tension became especially conflagrant between the ultra-Orthodox and the secular sectors, as adherence to state emergency rules was weighed against adherence to rabbinical decrees. The Good Person, which deals with a collaboration between a secular woman and an ultra-Orthodox man isn’t just “relevant”, it is vital and urgent. For me, it is a wake-up call to acknowledge that now is the time to re-think, re-consider, and re-imagine our shared life.