BEN’S BIOGRAPHY (Ha’biografia Shel Ben)

BEN’S BIOGRAPHY (Ha’biografia Shel Ben)

Director: Dan Wolman / Israel 2003

Genre: Fiction

Category: Fiction Film

Production: Samuel Calderon

Cast: Gal Zaid, Sharon Alexander, Avigail Arieli, Gani Tamir.

Language: Hebrew

Subtitles: English / French

Length: 93 minutes

Ben is strange: he walks around with gloves and is always carrying shopping
bags in both hands. He meets Tamar, who is intrigued by his secret. Slowly, they
become friends. Ben doesn’t want anyone to pity him. His way of dealing with his pain is
through his imagination, zany humor and laughter. “Ben’s Biography” deals with the very
sensitive subject of child abuse. Sounds grim? It’s not! The film is moving and unusually

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Winner: Platinum Remi Award: Worldfest Houston International Film Festival,
    Texas, USA 2007
  • Winner: Best Feature Film - Audience Choice : Mediterranean Film Festival
    Algarve, Portugal 2006
  • Winner: Best Actor Award : Mediterranean Film Festival Algarve, Portugal
  • Retrospective: Bangalore International Film Festival (BIFFes), India 2009
  • KIFF Kochi International Film Festival, India 2012
  • World Film Festival of Bangkok, Thailand 2005
  • Eurasia International Film Festival, Kazakhstan 2005
  • Israeli Film Festival Paris, France 2005
  • Pune International Film Festival, India 2005
  • MAMI International Film Festival, India 2005
  • Moscow International Film Festival, Russia 2004
  • Cinefan Festival of Asian Cinema, New Delhi, India 2004
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel 2003