TIED HANDS (Yadaim Kshurot)

TIED HANDS (Yadaim Kshurot)

Director: Dan Wolman / Israel 2006

Genre: Fiction

Category: Feature Film

Production: Dan Wolman

Cast: Gila Almagor, Ido Tadmor.

Language: Hebrew, English

Subtitles: English / French

Length: 90 minutes

The film tells the story of a sensitive and complex relationship between a
mother and her ailing son. Like in Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Loveliest
Rose in the World” where a child is looking for a rose to save his mother, the queen who
is in bed dying, so in “Tied Hands” in a reversal of roles a mother goes out on a
desperate search for a little Marijuana, to ease her son’s pain. In her, turbulent, journey
in the streets of Tel-Aviv, old truths from her past come back to life and threaten to break
down a wall of denials behind which, she’s been hiding all her life.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Winner: Best Feature Film Award : Palm Beach International Film Festival,
    USA 2007
  • Winner: Best Performance Award (Gila Almagor) : Palm Beach International
    Film Festival, USA 2007
  • Winner: Special Acting Award (Gila Almagor) : Jerusalem International Film
    Festival, Israel 2006
  • Nominee: Best Director (Dan Wolman) : Israel Academy Awards, Israel 2006
  • Cycle ''Tel Aviv'': Forum des Images, Paris, France 2009
  • KIFF Kochi International Film Festival, India 2012
  • Febiofest Prague International Film Festival, Czech Republic 2007
  • MAMI Mumbai International Film Festival, India 2007
  • Pune International Film Festival, India 2007