DESCRIPTION OF A MEMORY – thirteen memories following Chris Marker’s ”Description of a Struggle”
(”Description d’un souvenir”/”Description d’une mémoire”)

Director: Dan Geva / Israel 2006

Category: Creative Documentary, Art & Culture, Chris Marker

Production: Dan & Noit Geva: Habayit Hakatom Ltd.; for the Second Authority for Television and Radio, Israel; Commissioning Editor: Yosi Mulla;
Supported by The New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT), Israel

Language: Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian

Subtitles: English

Length: 76 minutes

Dan Geva takes us in a cinematic journey to the recesses of the photographed memory in Chris Marker’s 1960 impressionist film about Israel, ”Description d’un combat” (Description of a Struggle), which won the ‘Golden Bear’ at the 1961 Berlin Festival. Geva creates a poetic and philosophic cinematic dialogue with the original text, using images and words from that film, and then adds his own in a process that reveals that the Israel of today is the country, which the French Master could not even have imagined.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • ''Chris Marker Retrospective'': Filmoteca de Catalunya, Barcelona - Spain 2021
  • Hommage to Dan and Noit Geva: TLV Cinematheque - Israel 2020
  • Winner: Grand Prize: RIDM International Documentary Film Festival, Montreal - Canada 2007
  • Winner: Best Film Award: Temps d'Images International Film Festival on Arts, Lisbon - Portugal 2009
  • Winner: 3rd Prize: Crossroads of Europe International Documentary Film Festival, Lublin - Poland 2008
  • Avant-première Chris Marker: Reflet Médicis, Paris - France 2017
  • ''Planète Marker'': Centre Pompidou, Paris - France 2013
  • ''Spirales/Chris Marker'': Cinémas du Grütli, Geneva - Switzerland 2011
  • ''Chris Marker Retrospective'': CCCB São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia - Brazil 2009
  • ''Description of a Territory'': TopKino, Vienna - Austria 2010
  • Illegal Cinema: Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers - France 2011
  • ''Cinema from Israel'':DIFF Delhi International Film Festival - India 2012
  • ''Contemporary Israeli Cinema'': Pesaro International Film Festival - Italy 2009
  • ''City Vision: Jerusalem'': Taipei Film Festival - Taiwan 2008
  • DOK.FEST International Doc. Film Festival, Munich - Germany 2008
  • It's All True International Documentary Film Festival - Brazil 2008
  • Melbourne International Film Festival - Australia 2008
  • DOCNZ International Documentary Film Festival - New Zealand 2007
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival - Israel 2006
  • LIDF London International Documentary Film Festival - U.K. 2008
  • DokuARTS International Festival for Films on Art, Berlin - Germany 2007
  • Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival - Czech Republic 2007
  • Bangalore International Film Festival - India 2008

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Revues de presse:

Coffret DVD - avec ''Description d'un combat'' de Chris Marker (Fnac)

Distribution in France: Tamasa Distribution and Argos Films
Worldwide Sales: JMT Films Distribution