Director: Tammy Federman / Israel/U.K. / 2018

Category: Health, Arts & Culture, Personal point of view, Creative Documentary

Production: Tammy Federman (U.K.), Tamar Sela (U.S.A.)

Language: Hebrew

Subtitles: English

Length: 72 minutes

The documentary film “Cellfish” explores the life and work of multi-disciplinary Israeli Artist Shelly
Federman, through the eyes of her younger sister Tammy. The film incorporates over thirty years
of footage, Shelly’s childhood, upbringing as well as her creative process and her art works,
some of which are: “The Floating wall”, a Political Art Installation focusing on the Israeli-
Palestinian separation wall, The short Video Dance Film “Cellfish”, that was shown at the Lincoln
Center in New York and the Art Installation “Sea & Sun”, that was presented at the Venice
Shelly documents herself coping with her illness and shows intimate moments of her relationship
with her daughter. It captures the radiance and light of this enigmatic and colourful artist.

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Movie Reviews:
* « Shelly Federman grew up in a rich home but created social art and refused to play the class game. After she became ill with cancer, she began to document herself diligently until the day of her death, and the result is the documentary film ''Cellfish'', which provides a glimpse into the talent, sense of humor and life in the Federman family. The film's creator, her sister Tammy, tells of the shake-up she had undergone and explains why Dad still takes heart when he is crucified because of the affairs of Maccabi Tel Aviv. » When you face death, status will not save you / Raz Shechnik / 7 Yamim / weekend magazine / Yediot Ahronot (Hebrew)