Director: Marianna Economou / Greece 2013

Category: Society / Ethnology / Lifestyle

Production: Lilette Botassi: Inkas Film Productions; for ERT and supported by YLE.

Language: Greek

Subtitles: English

Length: 52 minutes

The all embracing love of the Greek mother stretches around the globe. However far away her child may be, she will always make sure that he will have a good supply of mother’s food! Food in the hands of Greek mothers is a powerful practical and symbolic tool that bridges any geographical and emotional distance and keeps the family bonds tight forever! By focusing on three Greek mothers and their use of food, the documentary opens a window onto the particularity of the Greek family with the powerful mother figure at the center and the children as kings and queens!

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Festivals & Awards:

  • MIFF Miami International Film Festival,  U.S.A. 2014
  • LAGFF Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, U.S.A. 2013
  • LGFF London Greek Film Festival, U.K. 2013
  • DIFF Delhi International Film Festival, India 2013
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Greece 2013

Movie Reviews:
« ''Food for  Love'' made by renowned director Marianna Economou about Greek mothers, who send packages of good food to their grown-up children abroad. I have seen material from this film and if it keeps what is promised, it will be great fun to watch – as well as giving Greek family culture information. »
Tue Steen Müller / Filmkommentaren
« A portrait full of humor and tenderness of three Greek mothers who cook for their children who left home and how food becomes a powerful instrument of family cohesion. The Jewish Mother as a gurgling-like matriarch is a known stereotype. Now she is facing stiff competition - from Greece! »
Les recettes de l'amour / ARTE France Food for Love / ARTE Germany
« Universal in its central premise is Marianna Economou's "Food for Love". As someone whose Greek mother loves to weigh me down with containers of all manners of home cooked goods every time a visit ends, I can absolutely relate on a cultural level, but despite its Hellenic specificity, Economou's film will assuredly connect with all manners of audiences. »
Basil Tsiokos, Indiewire
« Marianna Economou’s tender and hilarious ''Food for Love'', a portrait of three overprotective Greek mothers who express their love to their studying offspring by sending them parcels of home-made food abroad or in other Greek cities. »
Lydia Papadimitriou / Senses of Cinema