IN SEARCH OF ZHANG ZHUNG – a journey across the Himalayas

IN SEARCH OF ZHANG ZHUNG – a journey across the Himalayas

Director: Alex Gabbay

Category: Travelogue / Ethnology / Spirituality

Production: Thomas Kelly and the Kalpa Group / Tibet/Nepal/Switzerland 2003

Language: English, Tibetan

Subtitles: English narration

Length: 52 minutes

Gelek, a Bon monk, accompanied by an American photographer, Thomas Kelly, undertakes a journey from Kathmandu to discover for himself the ancient kingdom of Zhang Zhung where the Bon religion flourished centuries ago. In search of mythical palaces and holy sites, they journey to the shadows of Mount Kailash in far Western Tibet. Along the way they are joined by dhamis (oracles) and shaman priests, and together they make an odd group of contrasting characters. It is a pilgrimage where both the spiritual and temporal realms are fluid, realities and obstacles constantly need to be overcome.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Globians world and culture Documentary Film Festival, Potsdam, Germany 2008
  • Special Jury Mention: Trento Mountain Film Festival, Italy 2004
  • International Mountain and Adventure, Film Festival Graz, Austria 2004