Director: Ivana Marinić Kragić / Croatia 2021
Category: Human Rights, Religion, LGBT, Women’s Rights, Croatia

Production: Ivana Marinić Kragić: Marinis Media
Co-Production: Platforma (Serbia), Tramal Films (Slovenia)
Language: Croatian

Subtitles: English
Length: 71 minutes

The film follows two nuns falling in love and, disappointed by the Church’s reaction and the institutional abuse, they decide to leave the convent and start a life together on a Dalmatian island.    

Two young nuns meet during a Catholic gathering in Croatia and fall in love. They live in two separate convents, but the spaces they once considered havens of solace and spiritual fulfilment turn out to be more earthly than expected. Disillusioned by the Church and the sexual and psychological abuse within the institution and driven by their blossoming love, they make the most difficult decision of their life – to leave the convent and start a new life together on the island of Korčula and seek acceptance from the traditional local community.


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Festivals & Awards:

  • Best Film Award: Competition Lateral - LGBTIQ: FIDBA International Documentary Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2022
  • Documentary of the Month: Docs Barcelona Documentary Film Festival, Spain 2022
  • One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic 2021
  • The Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival, France 2023
  • Écrans Mixtes Queer & LGBT Film Festival, Lyon, France 2022
  • Lesbian Quarter Film Festival, Slovenia 2021
  • Doqumenta International Documentary Festival, Mexico 2021
  • Martovski Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 2021
  • Merlinka International Queer Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 2021
  • Best Original Screenplay Award: JIFF Jaipur International Film Festival, India 2022
  • Regional competition: Dandelion Award / Best Film Award: UnderhillFest International Film Festival, Montenegro 2021
  • Honorable Mention: Astra Film Festival, Romania 2021
  • International Jury of Critics Award: Best Documentary Award: European Film Festival Palić, Serbia 2021
  • Best Cinematography Award: SEEfest South East European Film Festival Los Angeles, U.S.A. 2021
  • Audience Award for Best Film: ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival, Croatia 2020

UnderhillFest International Film Festival: Regional competition: Dandelion Award/Best Film Award:
Jury's justification: “Often, topics that deal with the issues of equal rights and freedoms for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, end up on that first step, the very topic they deal with.
Ivana Marinić Kragić is one brave and above all witty woman from Split, who successfully overcomes all possible traps of this topic in an exquisite way!
With an innovative, fresh and modern director approach, she caresses us all the time and gently makes us laugh about the deepest emotional drama which her protagonists go through together with her. A witty and genius film about nuns and their search for God, through which they finally find love and each other!”

Astra Film Festival: Honorable Mention
Jury's justification: "In 'Nun Of Your Business' Ivana Marinic sheds light on an often hidden world under forms of apparent normality, such as love between women in convents. She creatively incorporates narrative resources of fiction and animation film into the language of the documentary."

Director's statement:
''Nun of Your Business'' addresses a burning social and human rights issue in the region, but also around the globe, a consequence of the increasing dominance of the conservative movements. The film is relevant to those living in both liberal and conservative societies. To those in liberal societies it is an exemplary story of finding your true identity and breaking free, and in the conservative societies it raises such issues as the position of the Catholic Church, personal identity, female rights and action required to exercise those rights.

Movie Reviews:
* « Formally daring, thematically challenging but also inspiring, warm and funny film that deeply resonated with us. The jury justified their decision by stating further that this is a story about the power of love, but also a story about immense amount of courage - the courage to stand up to institutions that still so often form and define our lives, a courage to stand up for ourselves, for our rights, our desires, our love and our freedom(s). This film is important as a bold piece of art, but it is even more important as a message from the people for the people. And the message is: who I am and how I live my life is Nun of Your Business.» PALIĆ 2021 Awards / Mariana Hristova / Cineuropa

* « The story could be from a novel: Marita and Fanica, two young nuns from different monasteries in Croatia, get to know each other and fall in love. Their love affair is complicated for several reasons: they both have a vow of chastity, and same-sex love is stigmatized in the Roman Catholic Church as well as in Croatian society. The two women have a long way to go and a difficult decision in front of them. Award-winning documentary by Ivana Marinić Kragić opens an intimate look at the emotional experiences of two nuns hidden behind several taboos. In doing so, the director waives any voyeurism. The narration of the two women is complemented by a special cinematic means: with the help of staged photographic style, it succeeds in inhaling the processes and moods within the monastic women's communities. » Nun of Your Business – Zwei Nonnen verlieben sich / SRF Swiss Television