SABA (Grandfather)

SABA (Grandfather)

Director: Amram Jacoby / Israel 2005

Category: Creative Documentary

Production: Amram Jacoby and Sapir Academic College.

Language: Hebrew, Arabic, English

Subtitles: English / French

Length: 56 minutes

Avraham Ezequiel is 92 years old. He was born in Irak, educated in Singapore , then worked as a journalist for the Palestine Bulletin after 1929, he now offers his story to his grandson, interspersing it with quotations from Kafka and Robert Frost, readings from holy texts in Arabic, Hebrew and English and patient tending of his olive grove. This film is an unusual man’s journal, through which his grandson let his voice be heard. It provides Grandfather, at the age of ninety-two with a reason to live.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • 3 Continents Film Festival, Nantes- France 2010
  • Winner of David Perlov Grant 2004
  • Winner of Public Award's for Best Film : Alba International Film Festival - Italy 2006
  • Visions du Réel International Film Festival, Nyon - Switzerland 2006
  • Cinéma du Réel International Film Festival, Paris - France 2006
  • Filmer a tout Prix International Film Festival, Bruxelles- Belgium 2006
  • Frankfurt International Film Festival - Germany 2006
  • Göttingen International Film Festival - Germany 2006.
  • Documenta Film Festival, Madrid - Spain 2006
  • Festival PopolieReligioni - Italy 2006
  • EcoVision International Film Festival - Italy 2006
  • EcoFilms Rodos Film Festival - Greece 2006.
  • Yerevan International Film Festival - Armenia 2006