GATOS (Cats)

GATOS (Cats)

Director: Gali Meiri / Brazil / Israel 2005
Category: Creative Documentary
Language: Portuguese, Hebrew. Subtitles: English
Length: 52 minutes

The film follows 4 young Brazilians from a village that was just recently discovered by tourists. It shows the immense influence that the tourists have over the lives of the locals, and the difference between the way the tourists conceive the locals and the reality that is filmed. The arrival of foreigners to the village has created a new variety of options for self fulfillment, that doesn’t go hand in hand with the economical and social possibilities of the locals.

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Festivals & Awards:

  • Special Mention : Amazonas World Adventure Film Festival - Brazil 2006
  • Globians world and culture Documentary Film Festival, Potsdam - Germany 2008
  • Capoeira Film Festival, Amsterdam - The Netherlands 2008
  • DeREEL Independent Film Festival, Melbourne - Australia 2008
  • Toronto International Portuguese Film Festival - Canada 2007
  • Ethnographic International Film Panorama, Paris - France 2007
  • Ecolnoa International Environmental Film Festival, Tel Aviv - Israel 2007
  • Planet in Focus International Film Festival, Toronto - Canada 2006
  • Pärnu International Film Festival - Estonia 2006
  • Doc Aviv International Documentary Film Festival - Israel 2005